When you start out as a blogger the first post is always the hardest, do you start out introducing yourself or do you just go all out and start with a post about your niche and jump straight in as if you've been around forever?. Well I decided to do neither.

Instead I thought I'd start by introducing the people who inspired me so much that I decided to start a blog all of my own. Truth be told, this isn't my first attempt. This is in-fact my third, terrible blogger, slaps wrist! However whats new here is, I finally decided to write under my own name, as me, so I guess, as they say..

Just be you, and if people don't like it, well, F**k them!

Here are my top 4 inspirational bloggers, who, after reading their posts for months and enjoying all their content helped me, without realising, make up my mind to start afresh and give it ago. I owe a massive thank you to them all and more that aren't mentioned here too.!


Anna is one of my favourite bloggers at the moment, I have religiously followed her blog for quite some time now. Creating varied content including fitness, fashion, lifestyle and beauty, she easily covers it all whilst throwing in helpful tutorials and blog advice too. Whenever she adds in a book post I always end up adding them all to my Goodreads list, including her own newly written book! 

What I love most about Anna though, is that although her blog IS ranked 5th largest in the world in the lifestyle category, she still remains to me, one of the girls. Down to earth, she doesn't try to be perfect and allows her readers to see her troubles and mistakes along the way. One of her previous posts back in May (read it here) really hit home with me and made me feel like although I didn't have my s**t together, that was okay. 
Whilst The Anna Edit is now her full time job, she's also found time to write a book which you can bet ill be getting my hands on. Head over there and subscribe to the "An Edited Life" email series, you won't be disappointed.

Visit her blog here.


Rebecca is my photo guru, her images are to die for! Anyone who didn't know about She In The Know before this post, well your extremely unfortunate. It has recently undertaken a new direction and had a massive overhaul, looks gorgeous as ever and is awaiting the lovely fresh content that Rebecca creates. 

One of her latest posts (read here) about Topshop was a cracking read! I didn't even realise TopShop offered a service that would help me decide what I needed to have in my wardrobe for specific events. Now however I might just get myself booked in and give it a try. Although I think like Rebecca, ill be bricking it!

Rebecca is also a a gift/homeware shop owner with some fantastic products, based in Ireland.

Visit her blog here.


Hannah has been around since 2014 writing some amazing content, covering topics from lifestyle, mental health, fashion and everything in-between. One of my favourite things about the Hannah Gale  site is the writing style, let me give you an idea of what I mean.. her about page reads like this..

Oh hey there sugar pies, and welcome to

So, whaddya wanna know about me?

Its refreshing to read a blog written like your talking to someone in person. Her posts read the same way and its creative. After recently having a baby, her posts have covered everything she thought the modern twenty something woman might need to know (if you were considering a child that is, sorry Hannah, not for me but I read it all the same!)

Hannah is my go to girl for fashion advice and gave me the confidence to wear whatever I wanted WITH whatever I wanted, no more of this 'things must match and go together blah blah.!' She doesn't just blog about high end fashion either like some blogs (yano, like the magazines where you keep flipping the pages because you cant-afford-a-single-thing!) Oh no, Hannah is a down to earth girl too (theme about my girls here isn't there)..! Her latest post (read here) had me heading for my local Primark to invest in sensible but gorgeous heels!

Visit her blog here.


Lets not forget the men in blogging, I actually stumbled across Joe's blog whilst visiting his girlfriends blog (Rhianna Olivia, another equally brilliant blog BTW!). From the minute I clicked through I was hooked by his content, the 24 hours in.. series is great if your considering a short trip somewhere with tips and advice on places to stay and visit. 
Mens fashion and grooming is also covered on the site and gives great insight into where and what to buy to keep the man in your life content. However all that aside, Joe is my go-to for Food and Drink reviews. 

Visit his blog here

So there you have it, following these blogs for so long, and enjoying their content, I wanted to add my own experiences and love for life to the mix, and so, '' was born.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the latest posts covering anything from Travel, Fashion, Fitness and Lifestyle here, and get involved with me over on social media by following the relevant links.

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